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"alone in a darkened room
the count Bela Lugosi's dead
undead undead undead"
-- Bauhaus
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God In An alcove
from In The Flat Fields

Go and look for the dejected once proud
Idol remembered in stone aloud
Then on coins his face was mirrored
Take a look it soon hath slithered
To a fractured marble slab, renunciation clad
His nourishment extract from his subjects
That mass production profile.

He's a God -- in -- in an alcove.

Once he spread the rain
So they dreamt in vain
Once he spread the wheat
Had made garlands for his feet
Until the lily poet of our times
Horizoned on the line
Love became the in theme then
Opposing fakers thrice by ten
Don't perceive his empty plea
That redundant effigy.

He's a God -- in -- in an alcove.

Take in view his empty stool
What's left is satin cool
Clawing adornment for his crimes
They saw they had to draw the line
So they sent him far away
So they sent him far away
To a little alcove
To a little alcove All alone.
He's a God, a God.

Now I am silly
Now I am silly Silly, silly, silly, silly, Silly.

In Fear of Fear
from Mask

You fear the lesson and fear to walk
And fear to pass on your fear to talk
The teacher was feared your parents too
Then you became the fear of you
Look to yourself climb over the wall
And see behind that you're not so small
Then you won't blame fear when competing's too much
As you fall on your back as you fail to touch
And i say to you when your fear is strong
When you fear your life then your fear is wrong
Set free your past so shredding the skin
Then you won't fear the fear of sin

Double Dare
from In the Flat Fields

I dare you, to be real
To touch a flickering flame
The pangs of dark delight
Don't cower in night fright.
Don't back away just yet
From destinations set

I dare you to be proud
To dare to shout aloud
For convictions that you feel
Like sound from bells to peal
I dare you to speak of your despise
For bureaucracy, hypocracy--all liars

I dare I dare
I dare -- You -- You

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All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
from The Sky's Gone Out

All we ever wanted was everything
All we ever got was cold
Get up, eat jelly
Sandwich bars, and barbed wire
Squash every week into a day
The sound of drums is calling
The sound of the drum has called
Flash of youth shoot out of darkness....
Factory town

Oh to be the cream


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