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"We're fueling for the light
Cascading like the rain
In Twilight"
Peter Murphy
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A Strange Kind of Love
from Deep
A strange kind of love
A strange kind of feeling
Swims through your eyes
And like the odors
To a wide vast dominion
They open to your prize

This is no terror ground
Or place for the rage
No broken hearts
White wash lies
Just a taste for the truth
Perfect taste choice and meaning
A look into your eyes

Blind to the gemstone alone
A smile from a frown circles round
Should he stay or should he go
Let him shout a rage so strong
A rage that knows no right or wrong
And take a little piece of you

There is no middle ground
Or that's how it seems
For us to walk or to take
Instead we tumble down
Either side left or right
To love or to hate

from Should the World Fail to Fall Apart

I could use your gullibility
Distort the painful truth
Present a fear and laugh at you
Leave you lost unsure removed
The must I feel to put it right
Put an end to naive faith
In slick successes avenue
The vacuum of save face

Direct words can turn lost minds
Towards some monster seed
Lyrics sung from pretty looks
Can on the reader feed
Be strong to check and recognise
The pretty face is all
But being used to sell you songs
That never say it all

The incident meets the senses
The illusions in a mask
The sun of a summer afternoon
Docility rocks the mask
Broken loose from moorings
In a flash the swell had passed
Towards the beach with unabated speed
Confessions of a mask

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