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NEWS - Gothic - Darkwave - Ethereal - Electro - Industrial - EBM - Synthpop
Video Streams:  Nightwish - Storytime Video Lacuna Coil - Trip the DarknessVideo
Video Streams:  Peter Murphy - Seesaw Sway Video Evanescence - What You Want Video
Video Streams:  Project Pitchfork - Lament Video Motor (ft Martin Gore) - Man made machine Video
Video Streams:  Santa Hates You - Raise the Devil Video Ladytron - White Elephant Video
Aug 19, 2015
The popular profile of video game soundtracks has passed into the mainstream in recent years as the base of casual and serious gamers has grown. Coupled with this trend has been a burgeoning realization that soundtrack music can be perfectly suited to productive work-time listening as the tracks themselves are designed to engage without distracting the user from the task at end. It would seem that gaming buffs like De/Vision are in their element right now, and its not likely to change any time soon! In the spirit of awesome soundtrack music today we present to you the top picks of old and new. Musical contributions to video games are developing in quality and dedication and this trend is only likely to continue as gamer's demand ever-improving quality in gameplay, visuals and sound.

Jun 07, 2014
In the last edition of the newsletter we brought you in-depth insight into the current state of the amplifier market and the best way to tweak your amps for maximum performance featuring tips from our in-house staff as well as advice from Music Rader and products from Transducer Techniques . Next time round we'll be reopening up our new-wave album reviews for a trip down memory-lane as well as adding a countdown of our Top 10 albums of the 80s.

Jan 29, 2014
In the next edition of the newly revitalized magazine we'll be exploring and reviewing the best amplifiers on the market for budding musicians. We'll also be extending our selection of synth revival albums ratings to add to our archives.

Jan 15, 2012
GRENDEL: Renowned for the unorthodox and original use of orchestration, obscure samples incorporated with harsh and pounding EBM structures, Grendel, (and its mastermind VLRK) has perfected a unique spin on Aggrotech, and his previous releases, such as 2002’s "End of Ages" EP, 2003’s "Prescription:Medicide, Soilbleed" EP, and 2007’s "Harsh Generation" all stand as scene favorites and still dominate dance floors worldwide. In 2009, the "Chemicals + Circuitry" EP was written & recorded and was a slight diversion from the band's familiar sound; this EP found Grendel exploring different sounds and styles. After three long years of silence, Grendel emerges from the studio offering up the all new album "Timewave : Zero". With this new release, Grendel both returns to its signature sound, and pushes aggrotech further into new territories, continuing the bands tradition of delivering cutting edge Harsh EBM! Released on April 24, 2012 on Metropolis Records.

Tracklisting: 01. Rise 02. Conflict Instigation 03. Timewave : Zero 04. EPR // EDP 05. Wheels In Motion 06. Out Of My Mind 07. Deep Waters 08. Neon City Lights 09. Chemicals + Circuitry [v.2012] 10. Fall
Link: Timewave : Zero  Bookmark

WUMPSCUT: The master of evil electro, :Wumpscut:, returns, like every April, with a new full-length release! One of the hardest working and most prolific artists in the genre, :W: mastermind Rudy Ratzinger presents his all-new electronic opus, the malevolent beast 'Women and Satan First'. Released on April 10, 2012, on Metropolis Records. The album will be preceded by the DJ promo CD: DJ Dwarf XII. As usual, the album is available in a mulitude of formats from :W:'s website, to please all diehard fans: box set, vinyl, + posters, hooded sweater, etc..
Tracklisting: 01. Hallelujah 02. Women and Satan First 03. Death Panacea 04. Kill That Little Fuck 05. Burial On Demand 06. Grobian 07. L'Enfer Noir 08. Blutsturtz, Baby 09. Cunnilingus Creutzfeuer 10. Kaufe Deine Seele
Link: Women and Satan First  Bookmark

Jan 14, 2012
AND ONE: AND ONE are "Back Home", with an all new seven-track EP. And now there are four of them... In addition to the return of Joke Jay and Rick Schah, Nico "Tentacle Dieter" Wieditz, a new high-profile keyboard wizard and co-producer, joined the gang. During the "S*xtron Tour 2011", Nico already proved that it's possible to play 5 keyboards simultaneously without getting into a bad mood. The new live recording of "High" was interpreted by none other than the composer himself - Joke Jay - and in no place less than Peine, Germany. Just before the EP ends with "Missing Track" (a cover of "The Missing Band"), we hear two remixes of the title track which once more emphasize AND ONE's philosophy: a remix is not really a remix until the original enviously sits next to it! Release Date: 16th Jan 2012, on Synthetic Symphony.
Tracklisting: 01. Back Home (Club Mix) 02. Wounds 03. Rick 04. High (Live in Peine, The Original) 05. Back Home (Mixed Conditioner) 06. Back Home (Berlin Mixer) 07. Missing Track
Link: Back Home EP  Bookmark

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM: EMI in conjunction with Sacred Symphony announce the release of "Ceromonies", the long-awaited live album and DVD by Fields Of The Nephilim. Subtitled "Ad Mortem , Ad Vitam" ('To Death, For Life'), this release marks the closing of one chapter in Fields Of The Nephilim's history, paving the way for what is soon to come. As frontman Carl McCoy says: "The 'Ceromonies' project is about crystallising a point in time which embodies magical moments created by Fields Of The Nephilim. Having focussed on the live elements over the last few years this represents a closure and regeneration. Recorded over two sell-out shows at London's Shepherds Bush Empire, "Ceromonies" features songs from their earliest days such as "Trees Come Down" and "Preacher Man", through a series of undeniable classics including "Moonchild", "Psychonaut" and a rare performance of "Celebrate", whilst taking in the dramatic soundscapes of the mid-90s Nefilim incarnation ("Penetration", "Shine" and "Zoon"), and coming right up to date with the band performing tracks from their most recent studio album "Mourning Sun". "Ceromonies" also includes a very rare live performance of "Wail Of Sumer/And There Will Be Your Heart Also", the thirteen minute, elegiac finale of the band's landmark "Elizium" album. Release Date: 5th Mar 2012

Link: Ceremonies  Bookmark

Jan 10, 2012
VCMG - SsssVCMG: VCMG release one of 2012’s most anticipated musical collaborations with the album ‘Ssss’, out on Mute on 12 March 2012. It marks the long awaited reunion of electronic pioneers Vince Clarke (Erasure/ Yazoo/ Depeche Mode) and Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode), who have joined forces for the first time in over thirty years to craft a 10-track album which demonstrates their mutual love of electronic music. After initial tentative discussions, and a meeting at Short Circuit presents Mute festival in London, where they both performed, these two influential musicians and songwriters worked in a typically unique way. Clarke and Gore worked alone in their respective studios, communicating only via email and exchanging files until the album was ready. The album includes the recent 12” EP1 / Spock, described by The Quietus as “one of the best tracks of 2011”, plus the forthcoming EP 2 / Single Blip. ‘Ssss’, written and produced by Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore, was mixed by Timothy “Q” Wiles, recorded and engineered by Sie Medway Smith and Vince Clarke and mastered by Stefan Betke (aka Pole).
Tracklisting: 1. “Lowly” 2. “Zaat” 3. “Spock” 4. “Windup Robot” 5. “Bendy Bass” 6. “Single Blip” 7. “Skip This Track” 8. “Aftermaths” 9. “Recycle” 10. "Flux"
Link: Ssss  Bookmark

Jan 08, 2012
EISBRECHER: After a successful run of tours and festival appearances in Europe including Alice Cooper’s ‘Theatre of Death Tour’ and The Nova Rock Festival, Eisbrecher is poised to once again conquer the US clubs and charts. Heavier and harder than ever before, 'Die Hölle muss warten' features an expertly crafted blend of crushing guitars, menacing vocals, and melodic synth lines. Not one to stay the course, Eisbrecher also shows its ability to incorporate modern influences and blend them into songs that stay uniquely Eisbrecher, such as the dubstep-tinged “Herz aus Eis.” The album’s opener “Tanz mit mir” is a perfect example of what modern industrial rock should sound like, while tracks such as “Rette mich” slow things down and feature frontman Alex’s crooning voice over beautiful synth melodies. Released on February 14, 2012 on Metropolis Records.
Tracklisting: 01. Tanz mit mir 02. Augen unter Null 03. Die Hölle muss warten 04. Verrückt (Original Version) 05. Herz aus Eis 06. Prototyp 07. Ein Leben lang unsterblich 08. Abgrund 09. In meinem Raum 10. Keine Liebe 11. Exzess Express 12. Rette mich 13. Atem 14. Treiben 15. Verrückt (Combichrist Remix)
Link: Die Hölle muss warten  Bookmark

Jan 01, 2012
The Frozen Autumn - ChiralityTHE FROZEN AUTUMN: The Frozen Autumn is an Italian darkwave band, formed in May 1993, characterized by a blend of melancholic vocals, atmospheric gothic-wave, and 80s-style electropop. Having established a name for itself with the classic albums such as Fragments of Memories (1997) and Emotional Screening Device (2002), The Frozen Autumn now presents its latest masterpiece, 'Chirality'. An artistic collage of seamlessly blended styles and genres, 'Chirality' is a beautiful addition to The Frozen Autumn's legacy. Released on February 14, 2012, on Metropolis Records.
Tracklisting: 01. Before The Storm 02. Sidereal Solitude 03. Chirality 04. Breathtaking Beauty 05. So Brave 06. The Exile 07. Victory 08. Rallentears 09. In The Golden Air 10. The Last Train
Link: Chirality  Bookmark

UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING: There’s a new ‘Underworld’ sequel heading for theaters at the end of January 2012, and that means another installment in the franchise’s bestselling soundtrack series. This time around, Lakeshore Records has lined up 17 tracks of goth-tinged rock and metal, including Lacuna Coil, Combichrist, The Cure, Collide, Evanescence, Ministry, Linkin Park and many more. The soundtrack features several remixes by former NIN member Danny Lohner, a.k.a. Renholder.
Tracklisting: 1.Evanescence – “Made of Stone” (Renholder Remix) 2.Lacey Sturm – “Heavy Prey” (feat. ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo) 3.Linkin Park – “Blackout” (Renholder Remix) 4.The Cure – “Apart” (Renholder Remix) 5.Stella Katsoudas of Sister Soleil – “Killer & A Queen” (feat. ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo) 6.Ministry – “Watch Yourself” (Renholder Remix) 7.Lacuna Coil – “Trip The Darkness” (Ben Weinman Remix) 8.The Naked and Famous – “Young Blood” (Renholder Remix) 9.Black Light Burns – “It Rapes All In Its Path“ 10.William Control – “The Posthumous Letter“ 11. Civil Twilights – “How’m I Supposed To Die“ 12.& Sons – “Consolation Prize“ 13. 8MM – “Liar” (Revenant mix by 8mm) 14.Ryan T. Hope – “You Won’t See The Light (feat. ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo) 15.Combichrist – “Bottle Of Pain“ 16.Collide – “Intruder“ 17.Justin Lassen – “Exit Wounds” (Justin Lassen Remix) (feat. Silent Fury)
Link:  Bookmark

MONICA RICHARDS: Monica Richards of Faith and the Muse blasts forward with her second solo album, NAIADES, accompanied by a 32 page hard cover book, full of exclusive art by some of today's legendary comic and pop culture artists. Released in January 2012 on Danse Macabre Records. An 8min+ video video features sound bytes from the forthcoming album, views of pages from the book itself as well as some clips from Monica's live shows, upcoming videos and some of the backing film from her performances. Title and cover animations by Jim Neely. Full video of The Mighty (edited by Marc Moorash) is in the works right now for release in January.
Link: NAIADES (video preview)  Bookmark

Dec 25, 2011
MOTOR feat. MARTIN GORE: Pioneering techno duo MOTOR is about to release their fourth album on CLR. After completing three massively successful and critically acclaimed techno albums, Bryan Black and Oly Grasset, who together form the act MOTOR, have shifted gears and recorded a song-based vocal album by the name of “Man Made Machine”. The first single, also titled “Man Made Machine”, features none other than Depeche Mode´s Martin L. Gore on vocal duties. Apart from the original and extended versions, the EP contains three additional remixes by Black Asteroid, Radio Slave and Chris Liebing, as well as the “Man Made Machine” video (see link below). Just recently, when MOTOR secretly played the original version of the track on a BBC radio broadcast, it got over 10.000 views within hours of being ripped and broadcasted on youtube. The reactions from Depeche Mode and MOTOR fans are absolutely ecstatic.
Link: Man Made Machine (single), Man Made Machine (video)  Bookmark

THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA: 'Iscariot Blues', the new studio album from electro-goth outfit THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA, will be released on Friday 13th January 2012. Written, recorded and produced by the charismatic singer and songwriter Michael Sele, 'ISCARIOT BLUES' is the group's 4th studio album, staging an opus of timeless-darkelegance. Full tracklisting and cover art revealed.
Tracklisting: 1. Voices of winter 2. Haddon hall 3. Badlands 4. Golden age 5. Stairs 6. Prophecy 7. Dark revolution 8. June 2nd 9. Seven-day wonder 10. Last night home
Link: facebook  Bookmark

Nov 20, 2011
L'ame Immortelle - MomenteL'AME IMMORTELLE: The austrian duo comprised of Thomas Rainer (Nachtmahr) and Sonja Kraushofer (Persephone) finally broke the long silence around L'Ame Immortelle to announce ardently awaited news. After being cloaked in obscurity for far too long, they smash all the rumors, speculations and ideas revolving around the band's existence in the recent past. For the past three years, they have been passionately working on a new album. It will be called "Momente", will include 11 new songs and will finally be released on January 27th, 2012.
Tracklisting: 01. L’Étang Mâlo 02. No Goodbye 03. Absolution 04. Wie Tränen im Regen 05. Empty 06. Demon be gone 07. The Heart 08. Banish 09. Why can't I make you feel 10. Dort draussen 11. Hold me
Link: facebook  Bookmark

Nov 18, 2011
NEW ORDER: New Order will release the songs left over from the recording sessions for 2005 swan song "Waiting for the Sirens’ Call" — in an eight-track CD/LP package called Lost Sirens that is due to be released in December 2011 by Rhino Records. The set features the track Hellbent, which appeared on the "Total" compilation released earlier this year that bridged Joy Division and New Order, and seven other previously unreleased songs.
Tracklisting: 1. “Stay With You” 2. “Sugarcane” 3. “Recoil” 4. “Californian Grass (Doomy)” 5. “Hellbent” 6. “Shake It Up” 7. “I’ve Got A Feeling” 8. “I Told You So”
Link:  Bookmark

Nov 13, 2011
Merciful Nuns - Xibalba IIIMERCIFUL NUNS: The Underworld, a place of fear, segmented into nine planes and ruled by 21 Lords. Artaud Seth, Jawa Seth and Jon take us on a descent into this unreal world. After the debut album "Lib.1" and its follow up "Hypogeum II" released earlier this year, the third long player of the Merciful Nuns is now available: "Xibalba III". Completely unphased by trends and inclination for ingratiation to the listener Artaud Seth in his role as mastermind behind the MERCIFUL NUNS continues to traverse his chosen musical path. The first edition is available as a deluxe 6panel digipak with oversize booklet in book format and a bonus track! Date of release: 21-12.2011
Tracklisting: 1. The Prophecy 2. Radiation 3. Dark Trails 4. Year Zero 5. Ancient Astronauts 6. Dwellings Of Gods 7. The Return 8. In Between Worlds 9. (bonus track)
Link: Xibalba III  Bookmark

Nov 06, 2011
THE CURE: The Cure have announced the release of their first new live album in almost 20 years. The two-disc set will revisit the band's "legendary" appearance at Bestival 2011, capturing hits such as A Forest, Disintegration and Just Like Heaven, plus a 12-song encore, for a total of 32 songs. Bestival Live 2011 was recorded at the Isle of Wight on 10 September, with keyboardist Roger O'Donnell returning for a jam-packed three-hour set. While the Cure recently reissued 1990's Entreat, taped at Wembley Arena, the Bestival LP marks the group's first official live record since 1993. It's also the first time Robert Smith and company have ever released a recording of a complete single concert. More exciting still for fans of the Cure: Bestival Live may be the first in a series. They have plans to issue a DVD from their summer gigs at the Sydney Opera House, which featured O'Donnell, the return of Lol Tolhurst, and an epic, four-hour set. "I suspect Live in Paris 2008 may beat [that] out," Smith said in September. 'Bestival Live 2011' will be released on 6 December. Proceeds from the sales of the album will benefit the Isle of Wight Youth Trust.
Link: Bestival Live 2011 tracklisting  Bookmark

Oct 27, 2011
Magazine - No ThyselfMAGAZINE: Ending a 30-year drought, reunited UK post-punks Magazine have unveiled a new studio album. The band's fifth full-length, titled 'No Thyself', follows up 1981's 'Magic, Murder and the Weather', and was released in the UK on October 24. The record reunites band leader Howard Devoto, who started the group in 1977 after leaving the Buzzcocks, with early collaborators John Doyle (drums) and Dave Formula (keyboards, Visage), as well as relative newbies John White on bass and Apollo 440's Noko (aka Norman Fisher Jones) on guitar. Noko replaces longtime guitarist John McGeoch, who passed away in 2004, while White takes over for Barry Adamson (Visage), who played on some reunion dates the outfit played a few years back. While the album is available overseas via Wire-Sound, the record is set to drop in North America on November 21. The band will also be heading out on a brief UK trip to promote the disc this November.
Tracklisting: 1. "Do The Meaning" 2. "Other Thematic Material" 3. "The Worst Of Progress..." 4. "Hello Mister Curtis (with apologies)" 5. "Physics" 6. "Happening In English" 7. "Holy Dotage" 8. "Of Course Howard (1979)" 9. "Final Analysis Waltz" 10. "The Burden Of A Song" 11. "Blisterpack Blues" (Bonus Track)
Link: No Thyself, Stream: Hello Mister Curtis  Bookmark

Oct 21, 2011
MIND.IN.A.BOX: The songs of Mind.In.A.Box are stories from this world, building on the metaphor of imprisoned minds and the fact of our fundamental aloneness in the world. With their new album 'Revelations', Mind.In.A.Box once again takes us into the world it has created, as voices, lush sounds, and elaborate rhythms blend into a staggering sonic mélange. 'Revelations' will be released on January 24, 2012, on Metropolis Records.
Tracklisting: 01. Remember 02. Cause and Effect 03. Transition 04. Doubt 05. Control 06. Fragments 07. Unknown 08. Not Afraid 09. Second Reality 10. Sanctuary
Link: Revelations  Bookmark

Oct 20, 2011
BELLA LUNE: Gothic/Synthpop/Darkwave band Bella Lune have just released their "Ophelia Maxi-Single" CD. The release has 9 tracks including a new remix by Daniel Myer of Destroid and Haujobb and a cover of Joy Division's 'Dead Souls'. Bella Lune also just released a new music video for the song 'Ophelia' on their youtube page. The song was selected to be in the new movie "Paranoia" by director Bivas Biswas. The 'Ophelia' music video was premiered at the "Paranoia" movie screening as well as at Bella Lune's recent concert with Voltaire.
Tracklisting: 1. Ophelia (Video Mix) 2. Ophelia (Riddles & Rhymes Mix) 3. Blissful Escape (Daniel Myer Mix) 4. This and the Other (Dystonix Mix) 5. The Dolly Pop Song (Deviate Mix) 6. Silent and Still (The Alacrity Mix) 7. Dead Souls (Joy Division Cover) 8. Ophelia (Ask For Joy Mix) 9. Underwater (The Captives Mix)
Link: Ophelia Maxi-Single, Video: Ophelia  Bookmark

Oct 10, 2011
[:SITD:]: Accession Records / Indigo have confirmed the official release date of the upcoming [:SITD:] album “ICON:KORU”. On November 18th, 2011, the eagerly awaited fifth studio album of [:SITD:] will be released. The album will be available as regular edition as well as strictly limited 4CD box-set, entitled “ICON:KORU – 15th Anniversary Collector’s Box”. It includes the new studio album “ICON:KORU”, a “Best Of 2001-2011”-CD (new 2011 recordings), a “Remix”-CD and an “Early Works 1996-1999”-CD, which features previously unreleased material from the [:SITD:] demo albums “Trauerland” and “Atomic”. The box contains 43 previously unreleased tracks. The total running time is more than 4 hours!
Tracklisting: 01. Extrajudicial Punishment 02. Code:Red 03. Periculär (Richtfest II) 04. State Of Tyranny 05. Beacon Of Hope 06. Atemlos 07. Dystopie 08. Dark Defender 09. Tarnfarbe 10. Sonic Barrier 11. Zephyr
Link: ICON:KORU  Bookmark

Nightwish - ImaginaerumNIGHTWISH: 'Imaginaerum' is the forthcoming seventh studio album by Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish, scheduled to be released on December 2, 2011. The album is a concept album telling the story of an old composer on his deathbed, reminiscing of his youth. The album is to be produced alongside the movie of the same name, directed by Stobe Harju, who previously directed Nightwish's "The Islander" music video. The release of 'Imaginaerum' is scheduled to be followed by a world tour, starting in Los Angeles on January 21, 2012. The first single Storytimewill be released on 11.11.11.
Tracklisting: CD1: 1. Taikatalvi 2. Storytime 3. Ghost River 4. Slow, Love, Slow 5. I Want My Tears Back 6. Scaretale 7. Arabesque 8. Turn Loose The Mermaids 9. Rest Calm 10. The Crow, The Owl And The Dove 11. Last Ride Of The Day 12. Song Of Myself 13. Imaginaerum - CD2: The whole album as an instrumental version.
Link: Imaginaerum  Bookmark

Oct 08, 2011
COLLIDE: With their latest offering, Collide the sonically boundless duo of kaRIN (vocals) and Statik (everything electronic) returns to their well-established form with 'Counting To Zero'. 'Counting To Zero' features eleven new and original tracks that channel the band's electro, trip hop, and synthpop core, with a subtle dose of exoticness. This--their seventh full length studio release--is a cohesive unit set on digitizing your brain matter into a cybernetic dreamscape of bass, beats, guitars, and synthetic ear candy supplemented by ethereal female vocals. Self released on Noiseplus Music on Sep 27, 2011.
Tracklisting: 1. Bending & Floating 2. Lucky 13 3. Mind Games 4. In the Frequency 5. Clearer 6. Counting to Zero 7. Human 8. Tears Like Rain 9. Further From Anything 10. Slow Down 11. Letting go
Link: Counting To Zero, Video: Mind Games  Bookmark

Oct 06, 2011
PETER MURPHY: Former Bauhaus frontman and solo artist Peter Murphy will release 'The Secret Bees of Ninth', next week, a six-track digital EP that features three previously unreleased songs. The set, which will be available Tuesday Oct 11 via iTunes and, features current single “Seesaw Sway,” off his current album 'Ninth'; the “full version” of Ninth track “Secret Silk Society” (about 50 seconds longer than the album take); “Gaslit,” which appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese release of Ninth; and previously unreleased tracks “Rose Hunter,” “Good Works” and “Secret.”
Tracklisting: 1. “Gaslit” 2. “Rose Hunter” 3. “Good Works” 4. “Secret” 5. “Secret Silk Society” (Full Version) 6. “Seesaw Sway”
Link: The Secret Bees of Ninth, Video: Seesaw Sway  Bookmark

>> Sep 26, 2011 - THE BREAK UP: new album 'Synthesis'
>> Sep 12, 2011 - KATE BUSH: new album '50 Words For Snow'
>> Sep 09, 2011 - GOD MODULE: new album 'Séance'
>> Sep 04, 2011 - HUSSEY-REGAN: Wayne Hussey and Julianne Regan new album 'Curios'
>> Aug 31, 2011 - SKINNY PUPPY: new album 'HanDover'
>> Aug 26, 2011 - VNV NATION: new album 'Automatic'
>> Aug 17, 2011 - GARY NUMAN: new album 'Dead Son Rising'
>> Aug 17, 2011 - DARKDRIVECLINIC: debut album from new John Fryer project
>> Aug 06, 2011 - ERASURE: new album "Tomorrow's World"
>> Jul 24, 2011 - PAKT: new project by ex-And One members
>> Jul 24, 2011 - DE/VISION: new remix album 'Popgefahr - The Mix'
>> Jul 19, 2011 - FRIENDS OF ALICE IVY: new album 'In the Gloaming'
>> Jul 17, 2011 - EVANESCENCE: new self titled album
>> Jul 07, 2011 - CAUSE AND EFFECT: new EP 'Artificial Construct Part Two'
>> Jul 07, 2011 - SOLAR FAKE: new album 'Frontiers'
>> Jul 07, 2011 - BELLA LUNE: new video for The Dolly Pop Song
>> Jun 30, 2011 - DALIS CAR: new EP 'InGladAloneness'
>> Jun 26, 2011 - DRACONIAN: new album 'A Rose For The Apocalypse'
>> Jun 20, 2011 - CLIENT: Xan Tyler replacing Sarah Blackwood on vocals
>> Jun 20, 2011 - PROJECT PITCHFORK: new album 'Quantum Mechanics'
>> Jun 20, 2011 - ERASURE: new album 'Tomorrows World'
>> Jun 18, 2011 - DIARY OF DREAMS: new album 'Ego X'
>> Jun 16, 2011 - APOPTYGMA BERZERK: new remix 'Black EP Volume II'
>> Jun 16, 2011 - THE GATHERING: video premiere of new song 'Heroes for Ghosts'
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