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Line up: Baza and David Barnes

"Although the name might sound familiar to many of you, but Dekoy is indeed a young new project consisting of Baza and David Barnes (aka d_b), who mix synthpop vocals with ravey techno beats and ebm influences. Their powerful dancefloor-friendly low-end sound, coupled with a handful of lyrical melody, decent programming and sequencing should make it easy for them to place themselves among the newcomers of the genre, even though they'd probably have it easier if they were from Germany. "Heartwerk" is a concept album revolving around the theme of the heart, documenting «the various stages of emotional/physical heartbreak, which runs the gamut from anger (loss) to eventual acceptance & understanding (moving on)»."
-- Marc, Chain DLK, 7/03

 Dekoy Discography - Album / CD Reviews

2003: DEKOY:REDUX Heartwerk v.2audio

*** Review of the demo EP Heartwerk:
Tracklisting: 1.Intro (The Mechanical Heart) 2.Silent Space 3.Your Heart 4.Submission 5.Darkest Eve 6.Shoot To Kill
"The EP starts off with a very moody and atmospheric instrumental, subtitled the mechanical heart. The band must have sampled a real heartbeat to create this sound...From there the cd kicks into high gear, with each of the 3 following tracks pounding along at 135+ BPM. Stylistically, a comparison to Syrian comes to mind right away, but this is a much darker sound, similar to VNV but not nearly as stiff and mechanical.. the vocalist really succeeds in adding a lot of emotional dynamic to the songs. Darkest Eve was the only track that dipped below 130 BPM, clocking in a 125 BPM, so I suppose it could be labeled the ballad of the EP. The somewhat discordant synth in the bridge was a little off-putting, but it only lasted a few moments. I think Shoot To Kill would be my favorite if forced to choose, merely for it's clever line 'Love is like a loaded gun, shoot to kill and watch me run'. Still, this is a very good bit of EBM/Futurepop/Synthpop, and worth checking out, either on their website or Recommended!".
-- Jason Baker,, 9/03

** 2006: Hauntedaudio

Tracklisting: 1.Onset 2.Red 3.Looking Down 4.Phone Call 5.Clairaudient 6.Dance With Me 7.Haunted 8.Spider's Web 9.Reel 10.No Return 11.Morgue 12.Outset

Release date: Oct 31, 2006.

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