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Line up:
Mike Tournier (music, programming, lyrics)
Jan Burton (lyrics, vocals)

"Syntax are Mike Tournier and Jan Burton (producer: Tim Gordine), a London based duo with musical backgrounds fusing rock with electronica. Mike is well known for his involvment as a 'groove technician' with 90's electronica outfit Fluke, whilst vocal man Jan labels himself 'Mr Five Piece Band and Guitars', with a passion for poetry, The Doors and Pink Floyd. Their first single release was 'Pray' in 2002 which made the top 30, packed out dancefloors and resulted in a signing to the Illustrious label."

 Syntax Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¾ 2004: Meccano Mindaudio

"'Meccano Mind' is a stunning debut from Syntax. Up-front Jan Burtons unique & compelling vocals are combined with the electronic touch of ex-Fluke producer Mike Tournier. Its a powerful combination, resulting in a highly original sound at a time when a desperate music industry couldn't be any blander. 'Meccano Mind' kicks off in style with the first two singles from the album, Prayand Bliss; both are driving, upbeat vocal dance tracks that have already made a significant impact on the dance scene. But 'Meccano Mind' is far from being all rolling dance beats, as a significant part of the album explores various down-tempo territory, all the while with a rock-edge and Jan Burtons vocals adding drive and passion. As example of this, Message is one of the slower tunes on the album but is the true gem, and is what I am tipping to be a big tune if it gets the support it deserves from media airplay. (...) Overall its so refreshing to hear an original sounding production such as Syntax's 'Meccano Mind'. Essential."
-- Rich Morley, Global Trance & Dance

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