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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
Line up:
AndyLab - vocals, keyboards
Lorenzo Bettelli (Voyager) - music, lyrics, programming, keyboards

"Syrian is an Italian band originally formed by Lorenzo Bettelli and female vocalist Ale-A, who released their first goth-rock album 'Sadness Deluxe' in 2000 on Italian independant label Stato Nascente. They later transformed into a pure synthpop/future-pop band after signing with A Different Drum, with Lorenzo writting the music and lyrics, and AndyLab providing the vocals. This new incarnation released 'De-Synchronized' in 2003, a collection of energetic, danceable, melodic, but lightweight synthpop music. The album includes a cover of Iron Maiden's Wasted Years."
--, 11/03

 Syrian Discography - Album / CD Reviews

2000: Sadness Deluxe

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***¼ 2003: De-Synchronizedaudio

" The first time I heard this debut from this Italian duo I thought it sounded a bit too lightweight and fey for comfort. Now I've listened to it a few more times and got into what they're about more it's true that although this initial reaction was greatly exaggerated this is definately one for the pop end of 'future pop' as, while the beats are strong enough and the widespread trance elements are used to good effect throughout they do have an easily accessable dancey sound that could even appeal to those who enjoy dance albums such as the 'Euphoria' series. The vocodered and heavily accented vocal style gives the band a more characteristic touch with the opening She Is The Dark makes good use of this and the choruses as a whole should become easily recognisable quite quickly although I'm not sure that when many people hear Wasted Years they won't be wondering if this is the latest Neuroticfisch single while the melodic and lively No Atmosphere comes across as a lighter version of Icon Of Coil. Such likenesses can only mean that a good deal of dancefloor success is on the cards as the duo succesfully mix future pop and synthpop stylings to good effect, an approach that pays dividends for the band throughout (even if Vision 215is dangerously lightweight!!) right until the album's end with Now Is Forever and the slightly funky closer Nova 3001 giving you another chance to get yourself moving."
-- Carl Jenkinson,

***¼ 2005: Kosmonauta

Tracklisting: 01. The Beginning Of The End 02. Enforcer 03. Future Storm 04. Empire Of The Sands 05. Blue Moon 06. Navigation 07. Beyond The Sun 08. Space Overdrive 09. Cosmic Gate 10. Urania 11. Nova 4001

"Once again we find the Italian duo probing the other reaches of the universe. I mean these guys are really into the cosmic motif. They walk the line somewhere between straight-up synthpop, trance and futurepop. The music is 100% clean and crisp electronic mostly of the dancefloor variety. The production provides the hard beats, throbbing basslines and sparkling melodies that modern synthpop listeners demand. Melodic hooks and catchy lyrical twists abound. The atmosphere is often set by spacey synth sweeps and liberal usage of samples of communications between Cosmonauts and home base. The vocals often are vocoded and frequently 2 tracks of vocals are present in the same song with one FX treatment playing off another - a successful vehicle in my thinking. Enforcer, 1 of the 3 singles, and Future Storm are similar EBM-style tracks displaying a harder edge than they had previously shown. (...) Another single, Space Overdrive is a hyper-bubbly chunk of bleep-blop synthpop that will actually make you feel guilty for liking it. The final single, the trance-influenced Cosmic Gate, is notable for its use of Italian vocals save for the chorus. Clearly these space-boys have grown as songwriters and producers over the past 2 years. (...) Not all of the tracks are perfect [though], the scope is narrow, and you really have to be a fan of both electronica and sci-fi to get off on this."
-- SandmanVI, amazon customer review, 7/05

***½ 2007: Alien Nation audio

Tracklisting: 01. Supernova (w/ Marian Gold of Alphaville / Mixed by S. Komor of IoC) 02. Alien Nation 03. Musika Atomika (w/ The Fault) 04. Orion Shall Rise (w/ Snuff Mazend/T3chnophob1a) 05. Solarchaser (w/ Livio Boccioni of Babylonia, Mark Nicholas) 06. Helium 07. Hypercube 08. Destiny Sunrise 09. Speed of Light (w/ Endanger) 10. Supernova (Radio Version) (Produced by Alex Bartlett)

Syrian presents the next chapter in their onslaught of ultra-danceable, irresistibly edgy, futuristic themed albums! 'Alien Nation' is purhaps the band's most diverse effort so far, blending in some crunchy guitar sounds and throbbing industrial beats along with their established trance-influenced club sounds and synthpop melodies. The songs explore visions of the future, both hopeful and fearful. The album includes a unforgettable club anthem featuring a duet with Marian Gold of Alphaville.

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